baby knee protection/ ilaaliyaha jilbaha caruurta

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waa maro kasaacidasa ilmaha xiliga uu kujiro gurguurashada inuu u ilaaliyo udhawro udaryeelo wax dhaawacana aanuu soogaadhin jilbaha ilmaha


1. Stretchy so that pads can be easily slipped on and off.
2. Protect baby from bumps and bruises when they learn to walk.
3. It’s flexible,comfortable and lovely color,your children will like it very much.
4. Made from durable,soft and comfortable material,make your baby move around freely.
5. Perfect gift for your friends who have baby.
6. A fun accessory your baby will love.
7. Durable,machine washable and dryer safe.
8. very lightweight and easy to carry; you can just put it inside your purse

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